Happy 50th Mr Molloy

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We salute the champagne comedy of Australia’s mirthful manchild, Mick Molloy.

Long before Seth Rogen cracked his first gag, Mick Molloy was using his gravelly voice and rude wit to make Aussies laugh. He started out with The D-Generation in the late 1980s before becoming part of the comedy troupe’s must-see comedy incarnation The Late Show in the early 1990s. Since then the Aussie everybloke has kept us chuckling with TV, radio and films. Here are five of his funniest moments…

1. Mick Molloy Vs Eddie Charlton

From a 1992 episode of The Late Show, this segment has Mick, resplendent in his flannie, channeling every not-so-subtly aggressive pub billiards idiot. The difference? He’s using his smoky swagger and psych-out tactics on world snooker champ Eddie Charlton.

2. Top 5 Bogan AFL/VFL Bogans

Footy-mad Mick has long been a fixture on Melbourne TV and radio as a comedic AFL commentator. He also knows a thing or two about bogans. Here he gives his all-time Top Five AFL/VFL bogans. Will it come down to Mark “Jacko” Jackson and Warwick Capper? You just know it will.

3. Shitscared

This classic ongoing D-Generation sketch had Mick playing the hapless assistant to Rob Sitch’s hopeless would-be stuntman. In this episode, they try a bike stunt. Do not try this at home.

4. The Brown Album

Presently on-air as part of Triple M Melbourne’s morning line-up, Mick has had a long and hilarious radio career, particularly when paired with Tony Martin in the 1990s. They were popular enough to release 1995’s The Brown Album, a compilation of their skits. Japanse plane hijackings? Terrorist gases emanating from public toilets? Nelson Mandela in a kilt shop? They’re all to be found in this little best-of compilation that’s still funny 21 years later.

5. Mick’s Movies

While he has concentrated on radio and TV, Mick has also made the odd movie. He directed doco Tackle Happy, released in 2000, and about Aussies who do “dick tricks”, before co-writing and starring in lawn bowls comedy Crackerjack in 2002, appearing in 2003 crime comedy Bad Eggs and performed and co-writing 2006 boy-band send-up BoyTown. For our money, Crackerjack is still the cracker of the bunch.