Happy 45th Birthday Mark Wahlberg

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Five things you might’ve forgotten about Boston’s finest…

1.He Was A Bona Fide Pop Star

After leaving New Kids On The Block, Mark Wahlberg formed his own dance-rap outfit called Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch. With brother Donnie producing, their first single “Good Vibrations” was a smash hit in 1991, reaching number one on the US Billboard charts and number four on Australia’s ARIA chart. Sweet music video, too.

2. He Made Undies Cool

Calvin Klein’s underwear business was relatively small in 1992. But they wanted to change that. “It wasn’t like we were casting around for a celebrity, it was more like. ‘What do we do for the new campaign for mens’ underwear?,” remembered then Calvin Klein Senior VP Neil Kraft. “Mark was on the cover of Rolling Stone showing his Calvin Klein underwear. Both Calvin and I saw it and thought, ‘This is the guy we need.’” Thus was born an indelible ad campaign—and a worldwide interest in men’s underwear.



3. He’s The Real Star Of Entourage

Wahlberg was the executive producer of Entourage. But he wasn’t just a behind-the-scenes power: much of the show was based on his own experiences in Hollywood. “There’s nothing in the show that’s not something that one of us has experienced,” Doug Ellin, the show’s co-creator told The New York Times when it debuted in 2004. “Mark was very clear that we don’t want to make a fake version of this. He wanted it to be real.” Wahlberg was also an EP with Martin Scorsese on the awesome Boardwalk Empire. Next up he’s developing his 2007 action flick Shooter into a TV show.

4. He’s A Religious Family Man

He and wife Rhea Durham have four kids – daughters Ella and Grace sons Michael and Brendan. Despite his previous hellraising, Wahlberg is a devout Catholic, who goes to church every day.

5. He’s Actually A Great Actor

Despite the flak he got for being a white rapper and underwear model, Wahlberg has actually proved to be an awesome actor. The man’s filmography reads like an essential list of man’s movies from the past 20 years. Boogie Nights, Three Kings, Lone Survivor, The Fighter, The Departed, Pain & Gain, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, Shooter, The Other Guys, Ted, The Basketball Diaries, The Perfect Storm, I Heart Huckabee’s, The Yards and We Own The Night. Wahlberg’s next big screen outings are Transfomers: The Last Knight and Patriot’s Day, a drama about the Boston marathon bombing.