Get Sexy & Flexy For Summer

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If you think yoga’s just for the ladies, think again…

If you’re looking to mix up your exercise routine, then maybe it’s time to do as the other half do and try yoga.

While the practice’s image remains very feminine, Boys Of Yoga is seeking to change all of that, emphasisng its benefits as a strength and core-building exercise that’s also good for mental balance and your social and even love life.

Adapted from the British male-oriented yoga movement by Aussie Benny Gould, a self-described “R’n’B DJ and corporate runaway”, Boys Of Yoga is based in Bondi.

But even if you’re not Sydney-based, their website also offers a stack of free instructive videos to get you started. As importantly, their mission is to smash the stereotype.

As Benny puts it on the site:

“To most guys, yoga is pink lycra and vegan chicks. It’s breathing deeply while doing poses named after animals and feelings… [But] not all yoga is fluffy and gentle; it can make you sweat, it can push you to your edge…You’ll find that ‘just making shapes on the mat’ can be a whole lot more challenging than it sounds… Some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man, the truth is it makes you a better one.”

The added benefit of knowing yoga is, of course, that it’s still a female-dominated exercise, meaning popping into a class can be a great way to meet ladies.

If you’re keen to know more, visit Boys Of Yoga’s website to find out more about DJ-powered yoga events—followed by craft beers!—in Sydney and beyond.