Game Of Thrones star’s hidden talent

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Which Game Of Thrones star is an awesome artist? Hint: he’s an Australian gent we’ve long admired.

Aussies have long known and loved Noah Taylor, who first wowed us with The Year My Voice Broke, Flirting and Shine. Since then, the rest of the world’s been catching up, thanks to his idiosyncratic supporting appearances in Tomb Raider, The Life Aquatic, Edge Of Tomorrow and Peaky Blinders. But it was his work as Locke in Game Of Thrones S3 and S4 that really put him on the map for global genre fans. Let’s hope that, like fellow Aussie Ben Mendelsohn, he finds his way into the Star Wars universe.


But in the meantime, if you’re in Melbourne at the moment be sure to check out Noah Taylor’s darkly compelling oil on canvas artworks at Lindberg Gallery at 77 Cambridge Street, Collingwood.

“Taking off where the modernist movement departed, Taylor’s paintings reveal the unique undercurrent of the Australian psyche,” reads the artistic statement on the gallery’s website.

No argument there, but we’d also say a bit of Westeros weirdness has crept in there, too.