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Gal Gadot – Truly Wonderful

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As the new Wonder Woman, Israeli actress Gal Gadot makes us forget all about Lynda Carter.

When it comes to Wonder Woman, we confess we traditionalists who still harbour not entirely clean thoughts about the original televisual WW played by Lynda Carter, with her golden lasso and her blue, star-spangled granny pants.

But we’re man enough to admit that 21st Century Wonder Woman, as played by beautiful Israeli actress Gal Gadot, was about the only decent thing in the occur filmic nonsense that was Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Ms. Gadot made us sit up and take notice in a way that made us entirely forget Ms. Carter’s luscious brunette locks and long, lithe limbs, and ask the question, who is Gal Gadot?

The statuesque former Miss Israel (2004) had worked as a model, not surprisingly, and also on Israeli TV until she scored a part in the US as Gisele in 2009’s Fast & Furious, a role she has reprised in the franchise’s many sequels. She also played the “exotic chick” in the moderately amusing Steve Carell-Tiny Fey vehicle Date Night in 2010. But obviously she impressed as Wonder Woman in the Batman v Superman flick because now she gets her own movie, Wonder Woman, due for release neon year and will also reprise the role in coming Justice League films. She’s Wonder Woman forever, basically, and Lynda Carter is at risk of being expunged from our memory banks forever.

“I wanted to show that women empowered and strong and don’t have to he saved by some male hem, but they can take care of themselves using their intelligence and their power,” the married mother-of-one says of her alter-ego.

You go, girl. We’ll be watching as we pack away, our Lynda-as-Wonder Woman VHS copies in the back of the cupboard.


As seen in the Winter 2016 issue of Men’s Style Australia.

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