Five Ways To Supercharge Your Dating Profile

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This is how to get those right swipes…

1. Choose Your Words Carefully

In 2014 eHarmony conducted a study of 12,000 dating profiles to determine the best way a man can describe himself. The research found words matter as much as your picture, with two-thirds of ladies choosing to approach a man based on his self-description. So what will turn her on? The top five words and phrases were: physically fit (69 percent found that desirable); ambitious (64 per cent); perceptive (63 per cent); passionate (53 per cent); and optimistic (44 per cent). Funny ranked sixth. It’s likely that lower rating is because women are often suspicious of a guy who describes himself as funny without actually doing anything to earn it. If you can, demonstrate a sense of humour by writing something witty or indicating your comedy preferences. Grammar and spelling also count. A study found just two spelling errors reduces a woman’s interest by an average of 14 per cent.

2. Be Specific

Using the above words and phrases are a great start. But they only count for so much if the rest of your profile is bland and boring. Saying that you’re “fun-loving” and “enjoy a good time” communicates precisely nothing. After all, who doesn’t like fun and good times? Don’t be afraid of detail. If you love sports, tell her which ones and why and where you enjoy them. Same goes for books, photography, music, food, travel, movies—any interest you have. Also: specifically including her in these activities indicates romance and a genuine desire to share. “I love long days on Indonesian beaches” conjures up the image of Tom Hanks as a lonely castaway. “I’d love to share sunny days on Indonesia’s beautiful beaches with a special someone” puts her in your picture. But while you’re being specific, do not be self-indulgent. The bio is meant as the bait, not as an entire life story. Brief, upbeat sentences about each interest that mention two or three specifics should be enough to get the message across. Also: don’t go into any sob stories you might have. Few women want to take a chance on a Danny Downer straight out of the gate.


3. Tone Up

If you’ve let yourself go during the cooler months, you might not want to hear this. But research has shown that women aren’t staring into your baby blues when they’re deciding whether they want to date you. A study ranked what girls are checking out and it goes in this order of importance: stomach (10.9 per cent); chest (10 per cent); legs (9.1 per cent); butt (8.5 per cent); and arms (8.4 per cent). If you tell a woman you’re physically fit, she’s going to confirm that for herself from your photo.


4. Clothes Maketh The Man

While they want you to be physically fit, women don’t actually want to see you without a shirt on—at least in your profile pic. Only 6 per cent of women are attracted to guys whose dating photos leave nothing to the imagination. The overwhelming preferences are for a T-shirt (32 per cent) or collared shirt (28 per cent). Suits don’t rank too highly (11 per cent), with jackets faring slightly better (16 per cent).


5. Smile & Be Proud

While women are checking out your bod, there’s not doubt they’ll only be doing that if your profile photo is appealing. A study of 400 highest ranked dating profiles found 88 per cent were making direct eye contact with the camera while 54 per cent were smiling warmly. Other studies indicate women have a preference for a medium shot, pictures that favour the left side of a man’s face and photos in which the gent appears confident and proud. The medium shot allows a woman to see your surroundings and some of your bod. So if you’re taking a selfie, use your phone or camera’s countdown timer. As for appearing confident or proud, you can communicate control by standing up straight, expanding your chest and crossing your arms. Rather than trying to combine all of these overlapping desired qualities — smiling proudly could make you look arrogant, for example — take a variety of poses in a series of outfits and in different locations that hint at your interests. Aim to build a dating photo portfolio. Uploading at least four photos at once increases your chances of being contacted by 21 per cent: it literally shows different sides to you and proves your handsome photo wasn’t a fluke! Swap your photos regularly to keep your profile fresh. While one of your looks might not inspire a woman to swipe right, the very next photograph might trigger something.

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