Five Ways to Secure More Tinder Swipes

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Simple tips to make the dating app more effective for you.

Post pics that can spark a conversation

A selfie in front of your bedroom wall, blank expression, grey T-shirt . . . not a lot of intrigue. At the beach with your dog Max, a big genuine smile backpacking through Guatemala, an action shot of you skydiving . . . yeah, there’s something she can work with. Once upon a time your Tinder pics were limited to what you had on Facebook — now you can upload from your phone’s camera roll, so there’s no excuse for not having a profile full of colourful snaps begging her to swipe right.


Upload honest photos

Outdoorsy pics work particularly well with the women of Tinder — but if the extent of your exposure to the great outdoors was that $500 night of ‘glamping’ you enjoyed three years ago, then don’t write a cheque you cannot cheque by uploading snaps of you bushwalking or surfing or abseiling. Be honest about your physical appearance, too — the end game here is to meet someone in person, and no one responds well to being duped online.

Connect your profile to Instagram

The news that Tinder is a superficial medium should come as about as much of a shock as the revelation that Donald Trump tends to be a little fast and loose with the truth, so pics are pivotal — why not let your admirers fill their boots by scrolling through your Instagram, too? It helps with points one and two — intrigue and honesty — as well as adding another layer of trust when she can see that you’re a real-life living, breathing, Instagramming human being.


Write a killer bio

Your pics have lured her in . . . now you’ve got 500 characters to keep her on the hook. You shouldn’t need all of those 500 characters, though — something short, sharp, and funny with a couple of emojis sprinkled in is ample. And if your words can’t do the talking, let your taste in music do it instead — Tinder partnered with Spotify last September so you can now display your favourite artists on your profile, another chance to showcase your personality.

Swipe judiciously

It sounds counter-intuitive, but restrain your swiping — there’s no point in clogging the app with people you’d never grab a drink with, and Tinder’s algorithm punishes indiscriminate swiping by giving you less attractive profiles. If you just want to catch ‘em all, download Pokemon Go instead. Also, swipe at busy times — peak hour is just after dinner, particularly on weekends; no-one’s on during the work day and midnight swiping screams desperation for a booty call.