Five Ways to Keep Healthy During Winter

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Curling up on the couch with Milo and bikkies for the next few months? Don’t…

Anyone who caught Australian Survivor last year would’ve seen a rig that looked like it was carved out of granite by Michelangelo.

The proud owner? Lee Carseldine (above) — ex-pro cricketer, Survivor superstar, and Striiv fitness tracker ambassador — who’s revealed to Men’s Style his five tips for keeping fit during the colder months.

It’s all in the mind

When the alarm goes off at 5.45am and you know your morning jog will kick the frost off the grass, it takes some serious mental strength to drag your head off the pillow. “For me it’s not about whether it’s hot or cold,” Lee says. “If you train with this mentality you’ll only train half of the time and it gives you an excuse not to turn up. It shouldn’t matter weather it’s cold or not. Just turn up.”

Enjoy the cool

As someone who used to make a living playing cricket under the scorching Queensland sun, Carseldine doesn’t mind the frostier temps. “Winter’s a great time to take advantage of the many running events taking place in every state, whether it’s having a go at a full marathon or an easy 5km fun run,” he says. “In the cooler months it’s also easier to get outside and run around with the kids more often and for longer periods of time as you don’t have the heat to deal with.”

Don’t set the bar too high

If you’re carrying a bit of excess timber, you’re not going to look like Haile Gebrselassie the first time you lace up the runners on day one of a health kick. “Anywhere is a good place to start!” Lee says. “It doesn’t have to be a grand plan or a big event. Just get started and the workouts will sort themselves out once you commit. Starting in your own backyard is a great idea.”

Stretch it out

The biggest threat winter poses is soft tissue injuries, so your dynamic stretches before and after exercise take on extra importance. “If you don’t look after this side of your healthy lifestyle you’ll spend more time injured . . . it’s all about momentum, and keeping it,” Lee says. “Writing and tracking your fitness goals also helps to keep you accountable – using a fitness tracker like the Striiv Bio 2 can assist with this.”

Eat right

The shorter evenings and colder weather makes a cheeky takeaway more tempting — but Lee’s favourite winter feed? A healthy spin on the traditional meat and potatoes. “I tend to eat a lot of meat and sweet potatoes during winter. Slow cooked meals are a win if you’re time poor as you can prep in the morning and leave to cook all day.”

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