Five Valentine’s Day Dates She Actually Wants to Go On

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There’s a lot of pressure to deliver on February 14, but she’s sure to fall in love with these five foolproof ideas.

Re-enact your first date

Cheesy, sure, but if you can’t be cheesy on V Day, when can you be? Try to retrace your movements from your first date — where you ate, what you ordered, where you shared your first kiss — and fall in love all over again as you reminisce about that first exchange of butterflies when you first met; she’ll be impressed by your attention to detail, too. Gift her a scrapbook or slideshow of pics from your relationship . . . sorry, we warned you this was cheesy.


Enjoy a couples massage

Indulge in the whole rose-petals-on-the-bed-experience without having to lift a finger with a relaxing couples spa day, a sensual date perfectly topped off by a lavish meal and expensive bottle of vino. If your local spas are already booked out for V Day, don’t sweat — bring the candles and massage oil back home to your own bed for an even more intimate rub-down.


Prepare a home-cooked meal

Any man can book an hour at a day spa or a night in the penthouse, but not every man can spend the afternoon in the kitchen perfecting his spiced lamb roast with baked potatoes and dark chocolate coated strawberries for desert for a one-on-one dinner that’s more intimate than an evening at a restaurant. Your partner will go weak for any thoughtful, handmade gift — a hand-drawn card, for example, hits its mark a lot harder than a $5 Hallmark job.


Book a hotel room

Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday this year so it’s tricky to take any time away for a romantic escape, but a luxurious ‘staycation’ might be just the ticket. Get away from everyday life and play tourist in your own city by visiting a museum or restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to before spending the night in a glamorous suite . . . all the fun of a holiday with none of the stress of the airport.


Go for a sunset walk

If the thought of restaurants and hotels and cinemas crowded with sappy couples makes you feel like escaping on foot, do it — get the heart pumping in more ways than one with a bit of exercise. A coastal walk to striking landmark or lookout and a good old cliched picnic at sunset is another date idea straight out of the cheeseball rom-com file, but a particularly effective option for gents who are broke AF.