Five Tips From a Special Ops Commando To Motivate You Today

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If you’re struggling to find the motivation to drag your head off the pillow every morning for a 6.00am training session, take a tip from a Commando. In fact, take five of them.

Scott Evennett spent eight years service and four operational deployments with the Australian Special Operations Command focusing on counter terrorism and counter insurgency, and now specialises in performance-based human development — applying his military experience to mentoring programs for professional athletes as well as regular weekend warriors.

So if you’re wavering mentally, tattoo these five Special Ops mantras into your brain.

1.“Be all in”

“This refers to serious commitment,” Scott says. “Special Forces soldiers conduct themselves with purpose, constantly being asked to put their lives on the line. So when a Commando asks you to be all in you better mean it. All BS excuses are gone, it’s time to go war. This same level of commitment and attitude can be implemented into today’s society. A strong commitment to any task requires you to raise the stakes, think like a Special Forces Soldier and ask yourself are you really all in?”

2. “One in, all in”

“From Day One of Commando Selection, you quickly learned that you are responsible for more than just yourself, and that the team’s success was on the shoulders of every individual. On selection, punishments were given out to the collective group for individual mistakes. This instilled extreme ownership and responsibility for one’s performance. Ask yourself this: the last time you pointed out someone else’s mistake, were you willing to take on the consequences personally and assist with a solution? Do you take responsibility for more than your own?”

3. “The power of self belief”

“Special Forces soldiers are put through 12 months of gruelling testing criteria to test them physically, mentally and emotionally. Only six to eight per cent of candidates pass the selection process out of thousands of applicants. What sets those who pass ahead of those who fail is the power of their mind to control and influence their body — it’s their belief system. Your body is capable of 20 times more than your mind will let it, you just have to believe. So next time you pull up the handbrake, check in on your belief system.”

4. “Thrive on adversity”

“Building resiliency and mental toughness are vital amongst Special Forces Soldiers. We need to be able to rise and lead no matter the circumstances that surround us, to just get the job done. These steps will keep you moving forward in the face of adversity . . .

– View adversity as a challenge (“Will I make this a growth opportunity?”)

– Take control (“What can I control? What can I do to feel more in control?”)

– Make a commitment (“What gives me meaning and purpose, and how can I get involved?”)”

5. “Grow your comfort zone”

“During my years in the Australian Army, I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. There was not a single day where we didn’t do something that forced us to push the discomfort aside to be able to maintain focus on the mission. If you failed at this, you risked getting injured, or even worse, killed. The more you push the limits in the uncomfortable zone, the more you grow as a person. When you find yourself in uncomfortable situations, the best option is to embrace the situation, expand your comfort zone and know that you will be able to face even larger challenges down the road. I like to say suck it up, embrace the discomfort, and grow from the experience.”