Five things you need to know about Chris Pratt…

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Happy 37th Birthday, Starlord! Five things you may not have known…

1.He Went From Zero To Hero

Back in the early 2000s, Pratt was a college drop out who worked minimum hours in retail sales and as a stripper. Homeless, he lived in a tent on a Hawaiian beach in Hawaii and spent his downtime listening to rap and fishing while smoking weed and drinking booze.

2. He Was Discovered Waiting Tables

It sounds like the oldest Hollywood cliché in the book, but in Pratt’s case it’s true. At age 19 he was slinging plates at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company franchise restaurant in Hawaii when 1980s movie star Rae Dawn Chong asked if he’d like to be in a short film she was making. From there he scored roles in TV shows Everwood and The O.C.

3. He Was Almost Jake Sully and Captain Kirk

Pratt missed lost the lead role of Avatar to Aussie Sam Worthington and the lead role of Captain Kirk in rebooted Star Trek franchise to Chris Pine. Disheartened, he instead settled for schlubby Andy Dwyer in TV comedy Parks & Recreation. His character was only supposed to be temporary and the show itself faltered in its initial seasons. But he soon became a favourite as Parks & Rec became a cult hit. Even so, he was still known as the funny fat guy.


4. He Buffed Up & Made Billions

To get the role of a baseball star in Moneyball, Pratt exercised nearly non-stop for months, losing a massive 15kg. He was even buffer when he starred as a special ops soldier in Zero Dark Thirty. From there, his movie career went stellar, when, in the space of just over a year, he did the voice of the lead in The Lego Movie, was an unlikely comic hero in surprise hit Guardians of The Galaxy and took on dinosaurs in Jurassic World. The total box office for this trio of hits? A cool $US3 billion. Expect him to add to that with his next roles in the remake of The Magnificent Seven, sci-fi drama Passengers and Guardians 2.



5. He Has The Coolest Wife

Chris has been with Anna Faris since they costarred in 2007’s comedy Take Me Home Tonight. They married in 2009. Anna’s the cute-as-a-button star of the Scary Movie series, The House Bunny, The Dictator and sex comedy What’s Your Number.