Five Things To Do Before You Go Out Tonight

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How to step out the door and come home in style…

1. Smooth, Shave & Shine

Your shirt can be by a hot new designer – or from the local op shop – but if it’s crinkled and creased it’ll look like it’s come from the bottom of the laundry hamper. A quick iron – at least of the collar, cuffs and front – will make it look twice as good. And it only takes a few minutes. Same goes for your face. Unless you’ve got the perfect beard or stubble already in place, chances are you need a shave or trim. Take that time. Then take a few more minutes to clean and shine your shoes. These three things broadcast that you’re a man who takes care of himself.


2. Fresh Face

When was the last time you washed your face properly? Use a cleanser, astringent, an exfoliator and a moisturiser and you’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated you appear. It’ll tighten and take years off you. Neglect to do it and you risk looking puffy, bloated and dried out. Don’t neglect your eyes, either. A quick shot of Visine or similar means whiter whites against which your irises will pop.

3. Smell Your Best

We’re going to assume you’re having a shower before you go out. If not, why not? You can get it done – from turning on the tap to getting dry – in five minutes and its energising effect make you feel like a new man. Plus, the lingering smell of shampoo and soap sends a message of freshness and cleanliness that’s as important as cool clothing. On top of this you should add a modest scent, whether an after-shave lotion or a men’s fragrance. Go for something evocative and earthy and remember that less is more. You want the suggestion of a smell rather than a shitload of stink.


4. Minimise Your Man Belongings

When you’re out, you want to feel and look free. There’s nothing that undercuts that more than carrying an unnecessary amount of crap, whether in a man bag, a bulging wallet or a series of jacket pockets. So streamline before you head out. It only takes a minute to strip that wallet back to the essentials: card, cash, ID. Leave all the receipts and business cards at home. If you can do without the wallet, go for it—a money band can easily contain cash, card and ID and mean your clothing silhouette looks smooth. If you want to really present an edgy persona, go out without your phone. It’s one less thing to worry about and it’s a real conversation point these days: “I don’t carry my phone because I want to be with who I’m with rather than worrying about other people elsewhere. Now, what are you drinking?

5. Plan For The Day After

Despite your best intentions, you may end up having a little too much to drink tonight and feeling less than optimal tomorrow. What will make that a helluva lot smoother is if you plan for the hangover before it arrives. Going to the supermarket or 7/11 with a throbbing headache and nauseous stomach can seem as daunting as climbing Everest. So get it sorted now. It’ll take half an hour tops and you’ll thank yourself tomorrow. Lay in that supply of Gatorade, Berocca, mineral water, Twisties, party pies, Panadol and whatever else will ease you through the next day. Drink plenty of water when you get home and take a Vitamin B supplement. If you’re a real pro, you’ll even sort out your binge-watching entertainment so there’s no decision to make upon awakening. Also essential: if you’ve any pressing business – phone calls to make, emails to reply to – then take a few minutes to do it now. That way tomorrow’s only about recovering, cracking another bottle of fizzy water and pressing play on the next episode of whatever awesome show it is you’re watching. Of course, all of this preparation will also make for a sweet little love nest should you bring home that special someone you want to keep around tomorrow.