Five things that will be ‘a thing’ in 2017

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Don’t hold us to it, but these are some of the things trend forecasters believe we’ll be talking about in 2017.

Kale (the colour)

Foodies might think kale is so 2012 but colour gurus Pantone are predicting the earthy cabbage colour will dominate fashion in 2017. Pantone don’t often get it wrong — the institute was spot on when they predicted 2016 would be the year of pastels ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’ — and kale headlines their list of the top 10 colours for next year, made up of earthy, natural hues that will bob up on runways everywhere in 12 months.


3D printers

You can print your own clothes. You can print your own food. Hey, you can even print your own organs. But the real value in 3D printers isn’t what they spit out — it’s the intellectual property behind them. If additive manufacturing really is the dawn of a new industrial revolution then creators of popular designs will be raking in rivers of gold in IP royalties . . . especially when 3D printing starts churning out blue-chip items like cars.


Blackened food

Sorry, if you’re the bloke who’s always burning your toast or crucifying your steak on the grill, you’re not going to suddenly wake up in 2017 the next Heston Blumenthal. The blackened food trend refers to adding ingredients like squid ink or activated charcoal to change the taste and texture of everyday dishes — pasta, bread, ice cream and juices will all be swept up in the craze.


Affordable property prices

If visiting currently gives you a nervous breakdown, then 2017 might be your year. Experts reckon confidence in the housing market is falling, oversupply is coming, and rental prices have already softened — meaning property prices in Australia’s capital cities will flatline next year. We’ll believe it when we see it.


The first human head transplant

It sounds like a scene out of a horror movie but a modern-day Dr Frankenstein — Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero — is planning to perform the first human head transplant in 2017. Following experiments with animals, Dr Canavero has already found a Russian volunteer for the radical procedure, which involves freezing the head, injecting chemicals into the neck to fuse it to the body, then keeping the patient in a coma for a month. Good luck.