Five Things That Make You More Attractive to Women

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Unless you share a chemist with the Chinese swimming team, you can’t grow four inches taller and 40 per cent more ripped overnight — but here are five ways you can instantly ramp up your attractiveness in the eyes of admirers.

Grow stubble

A bit of facial fuzz flashes your masculinity, just like a solid rig or the odd scar or two, which all evoke that caveman vibe that fires up her natural selection instinct. We’re not talking about a few scruffy strands on the chin or cheeks full of unkempt whiskers, but rather a tighter, shorter beard that’s the facial hair du jour in 2017, clearly usurping the full-blown bushranger, which has had its day in the sun.

Walk the dog

Man’s best friend is also his best wingman. Fido is an ice-breaking conversation starter, shows off your sensitive, caring side, and demonstrates that you’re not afraid of responsibility — if you can commit to a dog, you can commit to a relationship. See also: kids, who also tap into that Darwinian protector instinct.

Have mates

Barney Stinson coined the phrase ‘cheerleader effect’ on How I Met Your Mother in 2008, and scientists have backed it up in the decade since. Studies suggest that admirers find individual faces more attractive when they’re together in a group because any little quirks are smoothed over. Plus, an entourage of buddies demonstrates social skills and friendliness.

Be positive

Smile, be kind and warm, and make her laugh — that doesn’t mean rattling through a routine like you’re Louis CK, but just being relaxed and casual, putting her at ease. Think about what will make her feel more comfortable in a restaurant: whinging about the service, or talking about how delicious the food is? A positive attitude is contagious; it’s the mark of a man who’s content in his own skin.

Touch her

Steady on, Donald Trump, not like that — all that’s required is a gentle touch on the shoulder or the arm to signal interest, confidence, and dominance. A Scottish study in 2008 found that two thirds of women agreed to dance with a bloke who grazed her forearm — so if it’s good enough for a Glaswegian nightclub, it’s good enough for you.