The Five Most Stylish TV Characters Of All Time

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Do you agree with our list of the characters who have helped define men’s style on the small screen?

Don Draper — Mad Men

It’s impossible to start a conversation about television’s top menswear with anyone other than Mad Men’s iconic protagonist, who single-handedly sparked a renewed interest — nay, obsession — with the superbly tailored suits of the 1950s and ‘60s. For seven classic seasons Jon Hamm rocked immaculate grey suits accessorised with pocket squares, thin striped ties, perfectly starched white shirts, plus that no-hair-out-of-place side part . . . no one’s ever made business attire look so damn good.

Will Smith — Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Mention ‘90s fashion, think Will Smith as the Fresh Prince, and the wardrobe full of fluorescent windbreakers, bright vests, loud patterns, baggy jeans, animal prints, oversized sweaters, and that unforgettable paisley blazer he fashioned out of his school uniform that he brought from West Philadelphia to the leafy streets of Los Angeles. In fact, plenty of Smith’s style signatures — the snapback caps and chunky high-top Air Jordans, in particular — are well and truly on-trend right now, too.

Enoch Thompson — Boardwalk Empire

Steve Buscemi and his indescribable eyes aren’t usually held up with Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender when you talk about Hollywood style icons, but Buscemi’s garb in this 1920s gangster drama certainly earns him a place in the conversation. Nucky’s double-breasted three-piece pinstripe suits accessorised by collar bars and watch chains, as well as his flawless evening wear, perfectly captures the dapper but not flamboyant style of the Prohibition era United States.

Boadwalk Empire

Thomas Magnum — Magnum PI

We could wax lyrical about Tom Selleck’s unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts exposing a rugged mane of chest hair, his high-waisted jeans and relaxed linen trousers, and his perpetually tousled hair flowing in the breeze behind the wheel of his hot red 308 GTS . . . but then we’d be ignoring that moustache, without doubt the most famous facial fuzz in the history of television; an uber-masculine top-lip tickler that’s so tough you could cut diamonds with it.

Ari Gold — Entourage

This list needs a modern fashion icon, and Jeremy Piven is your man — thanks entirely to Italian suit maker Domenico Vacca, who brought some European flair to the combustible Hollywood agent with business wear defined by big lapels, big colours, and big pinstripes. “Hollywood was changing,” Vacca tells Vogue. “We believed that the time was right to really change that look, to do something more sophisticated, more elegant, and more stylish . . . and we thought Ari Gold was the perfect character for that.”