Five Simple Tinder Hacks

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Send your match-rate through the roof with these easy tips . . .

Your photos

If you hadn’t noticed, Tinder is a reasonably superficial pursuit — so it shouldn’t take a dating coach to remind you of the importance of good photos. There’s space for six pics so use all that real estate, with the best snaps at the start — take care to avoid all the usual pitfalls (group shots where she’ll have no idea which one you are, posing with a Tiger in Thailand, posing shirtless in the gym, wearing a fedora, etc.).


Your bio

For the optimistic user who believes Tinder’s not quite as shallow as everyone else reckons it is, a punchy bio is key. Keep it short and sweet — your match should learn something about you, but she’s not expecting a novel. You can’t go wrong by mentioning a couple of your passions, drop in a funny quote from one of your favourite movies or TV shows, and demonstrate strong emoji game.

Your swiping

Throw more darts at the dartboard and you’re more likely to hit a bullseye, right? Not quite — it’s not smart to swipe right on everyone. Firstly, you have standards. Secondly, it only clogs up the app — you wouldn’t walk into a supermarket and toss every single item into your shopping trolley. But most importantly, the algorithm hates it — you don’t need to understand the intricacies of the app’s technology to realise it punishes indiscriminate swiping by showing you less attractive profiles.


Your messages

With thousands of other blokes at her fingertips, Tinder’s not the place to be coy — so always send the first message. And with those same thousands of blokes bombarding her inbox, you’ll need something clever to cut through — ‘How’s it going?’ or ‘Hi’ accompanied by a leering winky face won’t stand out from the crowd. Make a light-hearted comment about something you noticed from her pics or bio, which proves you actually took the time to read her profile and you’re not just throwing those darts thoughtlessly.

Your plan

Even the cleverest conversation will sink to the bottom of her inbox if you don’t escalate things when you’ve got her interested. Move the conversation off Tinder by being assertive, asking for her phone number, then making clear plans — not “Would you like to go on a date sometime next week?”, but “Are you free for a drink on Thursday?”