Five Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

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Bare it all in bed and your body will thank you for it.

You’ll sleep better

Your core body temperature needs to drop about half a degree to fall asleep, so stripping down will help you nod off quicker. A sleep study by the University of Amsterdam also discovered that a low skin temperature also helped people enjoy a deeper sleep that was interrupted less often by waking up . . . so ditch your duds for all the health benefits a good night’s kip delivers.

You’ll reinvigorate your sex life

You don’t need science to tell you that removing that layer of clothing between you and your partner will heat things up between the sheets, but that skin-on-skin contact also has a very scientific health benefit. An intimate cuddle promotes the production of oxytocin — the so-called “bonding hormone” — which lowers blood pressure, improves your immune system, and fights anxiety.


You’ll keep your hormones in check

Being too hot while you sleep alters your levels of cortisol — a hormone linked to anxiety, weight gain, and poor impulse control — as well as your levels of melatonin, which prevents premature ageing. So, essentially, nuding up at night helps keep you young.

You’ll boost your metabolism

Lowering your body temperature activates your store of ‘brown fat’ — the type of fat that keeps you warm — and research has shown that people with higher levels of brown fat typically boast a faster metabolism, with all the weight-loss benefits that provides. Who knew nudity kept you skinny?

You’ll be more fertile

Your boys below the belt weren’t designed to be constrained by tight undies 24 hours a day, so keep your testes cool with a bit of room to breath at night — going commando keeps your sperm nice and healthy. You’re also doing your skin a favour — bacteria love damp, warm conditions so it’s important to give your whole body a chance to breath.


Bonus point

You’ll save a bit of coin on those pesky pyjamas . . . although you might have to wash your sheets a little more often.