Five Packing Hacks for Corporate Travel

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Frequent flyers, take note — this is how you pack your suitcase.

Never check anything

The golden rule of business travel — ain’t nobody got time to queue up at the airport for an hour to drop their bag off before their flight, nor wait impatiently at luggage carousel at the other end while the taxi rank fills up . . . and don’t even mention the risk of missed connections and lost luggage. Carry-on not only saves you time, but forces you to pack ruthlessly — especially if you’ve got a lightweight case with functional compartments that fits in a plane’s overhead compartment, such as the Samsonite Cosmolite or the TUMI Tegra-Lite.


Wear black

Channel your inner Johnny Cash and fill that slender case with black garments, which go with everything and don’t show dirt you may have picked up on the journey. If black’s not your colour, stick to neutral hues — white and blue shirts are solid go-to options when you need every single item in your limited hotel wardrobe to be able to mix and match with each other.

Know when to fold ‘em

Everyone knows you can squeeze more clothes into your case by rolling them into tight cylinders, and this works great with soft, casual garments like tees and jumpers. But you’re still better off folding more formal items like dress shirts, trousers and jackets to decrease creasing and stacking them in a pile — rolling only crinkles these garments. Cotton shirts remain relatively unwrinkly, especially after a quick press using the small iron and ironing board most hotels can provide.


Pull a Karl

If millions of viewers didn’t notice Karl Stefanovic wearing the exact same suit on TV every day in 2014, no one’s going to notice you depending on just the one suit on your corporate travels. Linen suits look like unmade beds after a flight, but versatile medium-weight cotton holds up better; and if you’re going to fold a jacket to pack into your case, do it carefully — pop both shoulders inside out, fold them so the lapels touch, then fold it again nice and tight.


Anything with cords that are prone to tangling or disappearing into the abyss of the bottom of your bag — laptop or phone chargers, headphones, USBs and the like — should be bundled together in a Cordito cord wrap. Similarly, toiletries should be consolidated into the smallest wash bag you can get your hands on, excluding items like shampoo and body wash that the hotel will provide on arrival. And tightly wrap dirty socks and jocks into their own laundry bag so they don’t float around your case spreading an odour and chewing up valuable space.