Five More Gender-Swap Movies We Want To See

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News that Channing Tatum is to be a mer-man in a Splash remake got us thinking about other he-to-she comedies we’d like Hollywood to do…

1. Pretty Man

Chris Hemsworth is a sexy male escort known as “Majestic Mike”, who plies his peen trade with the rich housewives of Beverly Hills. But when he falls in love with an IT billionaire, played by Sandra Bullock, he gives up the life of a hustler to become a house husband.


2. Trading Places

This one would trade both genders and races, with Leslie Jones and Kristen Wiig of Ghostbusters playing, respectively, a banker who swaps lives with homeless GFC victim. Evil Sigourney Weaver and Susan Sarandon could be the string-pulling Wall Street fatcats.


3. Weird Science

Geek girls Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick are geeky uni students who make their dreams come true when they create the perfect dude, played by Ryan Gosling. He’s good in bed but all he can say is “Hey, girl!” – kinda like a hot Hodor.


4. The Blues Sisters

Girl nieces of Jake and Elwood get the band back together, with The Blues Sisters played by sassy Adele and raunchy Beyonce.


5. Being Lindsay Lohan

In this brave comeback vehicle, Lindsay Lohan sends up her own persona while Justin Bieber takes on his first dramatic role as the puppeteer who discovers he can get inside the mind and body of the former Mean Girls star. Miley Cyrus co-stars as a possessed pool-cleaning robot.