Five Minutes With Dustin Martin

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Dustin recently made AFL headlines by resigning on for another seven years with the Richmond Tigers , who are sponsored by Jeep Australia.

He’s one of the AFL’s most talked about players and ahead of the Richmond Tigers 2017 finals campaign, we grabbed five minutes with star midfielder Dustin Martin.

Happiest day of your life?

When I got drafted.

What’s the biggest difference to your lifestyle now compared to when you first got drafted?

More tattoos. I look after myself more in terms of diet, recovery.

What’s the best thing about your AFL career?

Meeting my best mates.

Biggest highlight of the season so far?

Coming together as a team and playing good footy. It’s fun when you are winning. We all work hard together and when you see that start to pay off that’s probably the most enjoyable part.

Which player has had the biggest influence on your career?

 Cotchy [Trent Cotchin, Richmond captain].

Where do you go when you want to get away from the spotlight & relax in the off-season?

I love getting over to the States. My favourite city is Las Vegas. It’s great to get away in the off season with some mates and not be recognized and to take some time out from training and the routine of football. 

Do you still love the game as much as you did as a kid, getting to play it carefree for the fun of it? Or does it feel different now, with all eyes on your every move when you step on the field?

Yes, I still love playing AFL.

Never leave home without…

My keys, phone and wallet.

Favourite Age?


Besides being a professional AFL footballer what would be your dream job?

Professional traveller.

Sum up in one word the value you live by?