Five Habits of Successful Men

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There are some common denominators to those who make it big in life.

They get up early

You can bet Richard Branson doesn’t start his day by mashing the snooze button on his phone for half an hour, and nor should you — successful men bounce out of bed as soon as their alarm blares, fresh from a good night’s sleep that began at a reasonable time after an hour-long electronics detox before hitting the pillow. Sleep affects creativity, memory, and alertness — Albert Einstein reportedly slept 10 hours a night, so surely you can squeeze in a solid seven.


They exercise first thing in the morning

The crack of dawn is the perfect time to exercise, free from all the distractions and excuses that bob up later in the day, not to mention all the energising effects of an early morning workout, which gets the adrenaline flowing through your body before you take on the new day. ‘Too much work’ is never an excuse to skip a gym session — physical health goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing, and that includes a consistent exercise routine plus smart choices with nutrition.


They make lists

 Successful men take stock each evening and set out a clear set of goals for tomorrow — an agenda for the day ahead, beginning with simple, bite-sized tasks before working up to the big ones. Mapping out plans and to-do lists provides a sense of clarity and control, and improves your efficiency as you power through items one by one — never try to multi-task, only move on to the next errand when you’ve finished the last.

 They cut out distractions

Keeping a record of how you spend your time will force you to examine exactly how much time you waste – efficient time management skills are fundamental to success, in order to balance work, exercise, and down time. Check your social media in batches and scrutinise the way you use your phone — it’s hard to imagine Mark Zuckerberg spending 45 minutes on the loo brainlessly scrolling through Facebook, or Michael Bloomberg keeping on eye on his WhatsApp message thread while he’s closing a multi-million dollar deal.


Elon Musk is a famously enthusiastic reader. Warren Buffett estimates he spends 80 per cent of his time reading. Bill Gates blogs each December about his favourite books of the year. Mark Cuban reportedly reads three hours a day. Starting to notice a theme? Reading both fiction and non-fiction allows you to rub shoulders with great minds, broaden your knowledge and vocabulary, stoke your curiosity and inspire your creativity. Get into the daily habit of reading for at least half an hour a day, just like brushing your teeth or going for your morning run.