Five Fitness Guys on Instagram You Actually Want To Follow

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It’s a crowded space of oiled-up, ab-displaying fitness nuts, but here’s five fit male Instagrammers worth keeping an eye on.

Carson Clay Calhoun

This bearded American looks more like the bloke who pours the single origin cold drip coffee at a trendy inner city cafe, but he’s actually an expert yogi — and unlike the hundreds of ultra serious fitspo accounts clogging your Instagram, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Stretching is an integral part of your workout so it’s helpful to get some yoga into your feed.


Daniel Conn

The former NRL star and one-time Geordie Shore reality TV star is the training director behind the F45 phenomenon sweeping Australia — his football career was ended in 2012 by a serious neck injury but that hasn’t dimmed his passion for fitness nor his ability to help build Australia’s fastest growing fitness empire.


Jay Cardiello

The celebrity trainer to Sofia Vergara, 50 Cent, Jennifer Lopez and a stack of big-name American athletes gives everyday followers his unique angles on nutrition — eating your meals with your non-dominant hand, for example, and why organic food isn’t always better for you.


Alex Honnold

If you’re sick of following those bland fitness dudes posting their 237th photo of their rippling abs reflected in some nondescript gym mirror, get onto Honnold — a death-defying rock climber whose incredible solo ascents take place in highly Instagrammable mountain vistas from around the globe.


Bret Contreras

“The Glute Guy” — the self-proclaimed “world’s foremost expert on glute training” with a tight pair of buns to show for it — isn’t just a one-muscle pony. Work your way through his profile so the sports science PHD can teach you how to train every part of your body, with plenty of technical infographics to absorb.