Five First Date Mistakes . . . And How To Avoid Them

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As with anything, making a good first impression counts… especially if you could be meeting your future life partner!

Being late

You could arrive at the classiest bar with the sharpest outfit but rocking up late is a guaranteed way to get a first date off on the wrong foot. Try and make amends by sending an apologetic text with an ETA as soon as you know you’re going to be late — don’t want until your half an hour late to explain yourself — and offer to make it up to her with a second date if there’s chemistry.

Talking too much . . . or not enough

It’s not a job interview, so don’t give her the Spanish Inquisition. And equally, don’t gibber on about your life — she’s not half as interested in that 10-minute anecdote about Dave in accounts as you are. Keep the question ratio one-to-one and conversation should flow back and forth like a game of tennis — and stick to the FORD questions: friends/family, occupation, recreation and dreams.

Talking about your ex

The reddest of red flags — you may as well tattoo “I’m still not over her!” across your forehead. And a string of stories about your crazy exes? There’s only one common denominator there. Mentioning your ex is only natural — after all, a break up is probably the reason you’re back in the dating game — but don’t dwell and don’t unload your emotional baggage on an unsuspecting victim. She’s your date, not your therapist.


Being combative

Sure, a spineless yes man is a turnoff and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of playful banter. But an emotional diatribe about religion or politics, or arguing about her taste in music? To butcher a line from The Big Lebowski, you might not be wrong, but you’ll come across like an asshole.

Looking at your phone

Your house burning down should be just about the only thing that could pry your attention away from your date. Just switch it off — what message does it send her if you’re already in love with the screen of your phone?