Five Dating Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

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Tinder not working for you anymore? These apps have you covered.

Epic Catch

Cocktail-making class? Tango lesson? Game of footy? Whatever you’re planning this weekend, find a companion on Epic Catch, which links users together through mutual interests. The app shows you who else is interested in an activity then allows you to extend an invite to whoever you fancy, taking away all that awkwardness over teeing up a first date.


The reason you’ve never heard of this app? It’s reserved for the beautiful and Insta-famous, and available by invitation only. That’s right — a super-secret committee that may or may not be linked to the Illuminati actually invites users to download Raya based on their “overall Instagram influence, who recommended the applicant, and how many active Raya members follow the applicant on Instagram”. Now that’s #exclusive


You really should’ve heard of this one, because it claims to be even bigger than Tinder — the most popular dating app in 21 countries compared to Tinder’s 18. Badoo was created more than a decade ago in Russia and has since expanded to more than 350 million users across the globe, particularly in Eastern Europe and Asia, with a platform that’s a little less hook-up obsessed than Tinder . . . think of it like Facebook for singles, instead.



Here’s one for the hairy fellas — Bristlr is the app that puts owners of beards in touch with women who want to stroke them. The free app started out as a joke in 2014 before ballooning into 100 cities around the globe . . . turns out a lot of women are really, really thirsty for facial fuzz.


Date My Pet

If you want even more fur in a relationship, there’s Date My Pet (and ignore the name — it’s you, not Rover, that ends up with a date at the end of the day). You fluffy friend is the greatest conversation-starting wingman you could possibly find, but if you’re still struggling to strike up a relationship, this free app links you with other animal-lovers.