Five Below the Belt Myths Debunked

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Men believe all sorts of things when it comes to what’s in their pants, but let’s sort some fact from fiction.

Big feet, big package

“Science” can come up with statistics to prove anything — 86 per cent of all people know that — but when it comes to penis length, shoe size isn’t one of them. Race, height, hands . . . studies have linked all of them to penis size, but never found a correlation when it comes to shoe size. And before you rush off to the bathroom with a measuring tape, the average is about five inches (13cm) hard and 3.5 inches (9cm) soft.

There’s a treatment to make it bigger

We’ve all seen those seedy online ads and spammy junk emails, but there’s not a pill, herb, cream, lotion, packet of magic beans, or any other treatment on earth that can extend the length of your manhood. You’ve stopped growing below the belt when you’ve finished puberty, so it’s better to focus your attention on how to best use your equipment rather than trying to upgrade it.

Masturbation damages your sperm count

If you’re trying to get your partner pregnant, then . . . ahem . . . preserving a full tank before sex is useful, but for most blokes, lightening your load on a daily basis has no effect on your long-term fertility. Your testicles replenish your sperm count at a staggering rate so don’t sweat it if you’re in the habit of regularly treating your body like an amusement park.


You can’t break your penis

Of course your boner doesn’t contain a bone, but it doesn’t mean it can’t fracture. The tissues that carry blood to the shaft, called the corpora cavernosa, can indeed rupture . . . although the injury is extremely rare. It’s almost always caused by popping out while she’s on top during sex, so avoid the cowgirl if you’re paranoid about penile fracture.

Pineapple makes your semen taste better

A common myth for men trying to talk their partners into oral sex, but one with scant scientific evidence — some studies support the notion that guzzling pineapple juice changes the taste of your jizz, and even if it does, you’d need to totally change your diet to offset the effect of coffee and red meat and all the other things that are reputed to change your semen’s flavour.