Darren Palmer’s Coffee Experiment

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TV stylist Darren Palmer finds out what it’s like to be with, and without, a morning coffee.

At Men’s Style, nothing really happens until we’ve had a coffee to start the day, which is why we were interested in a recent ‘coffee challenge’ undertaken by TV stylist and one of Men’s Style‘s esteemed former Men Of Influence, Darren Palmer.

For eight days over two working weeks, Darren filmed himself as he gave up his morning coffee moment for four consecutive days. Over four days the following working week, Darren enjoyed a coffee moment at the start of each day and continued to keep his video diary before leaving the house. Behavioural Psychologist Jo Lamble oversaw the Challenge and interviewed Darren afterwards to ascertain his reactions with and without a morning coffee. See some of Darren’s diary and his reactions in the video below.

“What was most interesting is that we saw [Darren] deal with simple every day tasks with more levity and humour when they’d had their morning coffee moment, compared with when they hadn’t,” said Jo Lamble.

Darren’s challenge coincided with a national survey released by Nespresso which found that almost one-third of Aussie coffee drinkers avoid stressful situations or making important decisions before they have completed their morning coffee ritual.

“Countless academic research studies have proven that taking as little as five minutes of quiet self-reflection in the morning can have significant benefits to your wellbeing throughout the remainder of the day.”

“In particular, taking a moment to yourself in the morning not only mentally prepares us to better cope with stressful situations, but also makes us less prone to agitation.”