Cocktails For The Weekend

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The week’s over! Celebrate with three cocktail recipes provided by the Henry Deane Cocktail Lounge (above) at Sydney’s iconic Palisade Hotel.

No Way Frosé (in a wine glass with no ice)


100ml Rosé
30ml Strawberry Syrup
30ml Verjuice
30ml Beluga Vodka

Strawberry Jerky or Dehydrated Orange wheel


Add all ingredients to blender jug
Blend with one scoop of ice
Pour into wine glass
Garnish with strawberry jerky

Yuzu You Fizz (in a Fizz glass with no ice)


30ml Tequila
30ml Yuzushu
30ml Grapefruit Shrub
10ml Lime
20ml Egg White
30ml Tonic

1/2 Salt Rim


Add all ingredients bar tonic to tin
Add tonic to fizz glass with 1/2 salt rim
Dry Shake then 1/2 Shake
Strain tin into fizz glass
Top with tonic if required

Trumped Up Sour (in a coupet with a half-sphere of ice)


40ml Berry Bourbon
20ml Applejack
15ml Lemon
15ml Grenadine
15ml Egg White


Add all ingredients to tin
Dry Shake then Wet Shake
Fine strain into coupet with 1/2 sphere

All cocktails available at Henry Deane Cocktail Lounge, Palisade Hotel, 35 Bettington Street, Millers Point, Sydney.