Art Series Hotels Support Polished Man Campaign

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The boutique hotels will offer an exclusive package for those who support the  campaign to prevent childhood violence throughout October.

Following on from our recent story on Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam becoming ambassadors for the Polished Man campaign this year, Art Series Hotels have announced they will partner with the charity via an exclusive a package during October, urging guests to book the package, stay the night, paint a nail and see $10 from package booked donated to the Polished Man campaign.

During the month of October the Polished Man campaign aims to raise awareness and raise funds to prevent violence against children. One in five children fall victim to physical and/or sexual violence before the age of 18.

One of the beneficiaries of the campaign is The Australian Childhood Foundation, which Hemsworth is a long-time supporter of. He joins fellow Polished Man 2016 Ambassadors such as Sam Wood, Tommy Little, Anthoony McDonald, Braith Anasta,  Didier Cohen, Gyton Grantley, Michael Klim, Josh Gibson, Josh Perry, Ryan Clarke, Dylan Alcott and Tai Hara. All paint a nail to represent the one in five children affected by violence.

Anthony McDonald
Sam Wood


Tommy Little