Cheers To Matthew McConaughey

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The Oscar winner is now creative director of Wild Turkey!

Not so long ago Matthew McConaughey was the butt of jokes. After launching his A-list career with thriller A Time To Kill, he faltered with duds like Sahara and Failure To Launch and garnered a party-boy rep that peaked when he was busted playing bongo drums naked.

But ever since Dallas Buyers Club (below), we’ve been witnessing the McConnaisance. He scooped up an Oscar for his dramatic work in that film, stole The Wolf Of Wall Street out from under Leo DiCaprio, scored a box-office hit with Interstellar and wowed us with TV’s True Detective.


Now McConaughey is taking on his most unlikely role – as creative director of Wild Turkey.

And it’s not just an honorary position. The A-lister will write, direct, and star in commercials for the iconic bourbon brand, as well as appearing in an online doco and playing a key role in the look of its print ads.

Campari, which owns the brand, has even said it’s considering McConaughey-branded Wild Turkey!

The mind boggles when you consider the films he’s done and how they might be adapted into themed whiskies.

Dallas Boozers Club?

The Wolf Of Malt Street?

A Time To Distill?

Bring it on!

Or, as Matt would say, “All right, all right!”