Cheers, Quentin Tarantino!

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Aussie brewers can’t stop celebrating the cinematic genius…

We all know that Quentin Tarantino loves us. Hell, he played an Aussie — badly, it must be admitted — in Django Unchained. And his latest, The Hateful Eight, features Jennifer Jason Leigh singing a convict song about Botany Bay. QT has been out here to present his beloved Ozploitation films and even recently teased doing a 1930s-set crime film in Sydney.

But this year our local brewers are loving Tarantino back in very Australian fashion—by celebrating him in beer!

In conjunction with Roadshow Home Entertainment, Manly’s 4Pines Brewery is releasing its limited run beer The Hateful Ale to tie in with the DVD and Blu-ray release of The Hateful Eight on May 25.


The beer is a Belgian Tripel that’s pale in colour and carries flavours of nut, banana and clove, with a hint of sweetness. At 8 per cent alcohol, it’s also guaranteed to give you a blast similar to what you might receive from a shotgun-toting Samuel L. Jackson.

The Hateful Ale is available for a short time from May 25 at 4 Pines Brew Pub in Manly, 4 Pines Truck Bar in Brookvale and The Wild Rover in Surry Hills.

But The Hateful Ale isn’t the first Sydney beer celebration of Tarantino to happen this year. That’s because the avowed VB fan was presented with a personalised lifetime supply of the drop when he hosted a PROM (Peoples Republic Of Movies) event in Sydney in January. As the photos prove, he was pretty stoked.



Photo credit: Will Reichelt