Breaking Bad star’s house on Airbnb

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Now you really can stay at casa de Jesse Pinkman…

Sleeping in a celebrity’s bed is usually the domain of other celebrities and… well… creepy stalkers.

But now Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is giving everyday civilians the chance to hang out at his place.

That’s because the very cool actor has listed his stunning home in Boise, Idaho, on Airbnb.


Better yet, he’s not charging a fortune, with the mid-century digs, which includes its very own geothermal hot springs on the grounds, available for just $560 a night.

But Aaron’s not just an Airbnb host, he’s a true-believing guest.

Last weekend he used the service for his brother’s bachelor party, taking a bunch of mates to a swank alpine sanctuary in Park City, Utah, courtesy of Airbnb.

Nice work if you can get it.

Here are five other things we love about Hollywood’s most-down-to-earth dude:

  • When he spots tourists outside his other home in Hollywood, he pops out to introduce himself and sign autographs
  • He’ll even give up his Gatorade if a fan asks.


  • Before he was famous, he was a winning contestant on The Price Is Right — and he went berserk.


  • He stole the best prop from the set of Breaking Bad… Gus Fring’s head!


  • He doesn’t take himself too seriously, even once dressing up as Jesse’s doomed girlfriend Jane — and pulling it off surprisingly well.