Boutique Hotel Stay… With Nude Selfies

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Every traveller takes a selfie or two when they head away on holidays . . . now there’s a group of hotels who want you get a little cheeky with the camera.

Art Series’ No Robe packages is asking you to “strike a pose a become the muse of a life-drawn masterpiece” by snapping a nude selfie in the privacy of your hotel room, which a team of artists then turns into a piece of art.

Think Kate Winslet in Titanic, except instead of Leonardo DiCaprio painting you like one of his French girls, you’ve got a custom-built photo booth in your bedroom. Once you snap your pic, a link — encrypted, of course — is sent to an artist that brings your unadorned form to life on the page.


“Art Series Hotels are passionate about supporting the arts and delivering unique art inspired experiences for our guests and welcoming them with their creativity,” says Will Deague, CEO of the hostel chain. “The No Robe campaign certainly goes back to the history of the nude form in art and self-expression.”

Art Series describes itself as “inspired by and dedicated to Australian contemporary artists”, and each of their seven four- or five-star hotels is attached to a specific artist — The Blackman, The Cullen, The Olsen, and The Larwill in Melbourne, The Schaller in Bendigo, The Watson in Adelaide, and The Johnson in Brisbane.

And this package aims to revive the idea of nudity as a form of artistic self-expression — a notion that’s gaining traction in Australia, with the Art Gallery of NSW’s ‘Nude’ exhibition — where attendees strolled the gallery in the nick — and the Dark Mofo winter solstice swim organised by Hobart’s iconic MONA, for example.


“Lets face it, as long as people have been around, so has nudity,” Deague says. “At Art Series we don’t buy into the ‘Nude is Rude’ camp of thinking. We want to encourage our guests to dare to be different and bold – to celebrate their individuality and feel liberated in their own skin. It’s about stripping away hang-ups and be free – nude or not!”

Guests are encouraged to share the campaign using the #norobe hashtag — with pics that satisfy Instagram’s community guidelines, of course — for the chance to win a free stay.

The No Robe package is available from 1 May to 15 June at the seven Art Series hotels in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Bendigo, starting at $229 per night. Click here to learn more: