Beyond The Beers with a Man Coach

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Mike Campbell Beyond The Beers

Beyond The Beers

If Sydney “man coach” Mike Campbell gets his way, we will soon be able to watch a chat show called Beyond The Beers, which will showcase him and guests talking about all things masculine.

Campbell, the author of Unleash The Alpha and popular motivational speaker, is currently seeking a modest $7000 on Kickstarter to fund graphics, website creation and editing of already-filmed interviews for the first season.

“Each guest has his own unique story and take on things,” Campbell explains. “From more high-profile TV stars and athletes, to other men in this space, to everyday blokes embracing vulnerability and having the meaningful conversation.”

Season one Beyond The Beers guest include motivational speaker JuVan Longford and TV presenters Scott Tweedie and Kayne Tremills.

“We men love a good yarn, to chat and banter,” Campbell explains of the philosophy behind the show. “Even better over a beer or 10. Sadly though for many men it never goes beyond this, if even at all.”

“Many men have no male interaction outside of the workplace, and if we do, it’s often this surface level chat with no capability for anything more meaningful.”
“Beyond The Beers is a place for men to actually do that – go beyond the surface and provide examples for other men to chat, listen, learn, laugh and grow.”

Kickstarter: Beyond the Beers