Australia’s Fanciest Bowling Alley

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A luxury hybrid bar/bowling alley, Kingpin at Crown, Melbourne, is the city’s new party ‘n’ play destination.

Remember when bowling alleys were just about the bowling, the giant-sized cokes and the video games in the foyer?

Not anymore. Kingpin Crown in Melbourne has upped the ante and make bowling even better for adults after re-opening its doors to reveal a luxe new refurbishment featuring four premium built event spaces.

The contemporary bowling bar hybrid that challenges Australian’s preconceived idea of bowling and is set to become a sophisticated playground for stylish millennials.


Pushing the boundaries, Kingpin will transform a casual game into a luxe 360 experience from high quality furnishings with iPads for on-lane scoring to table serviced food and drinks selected from a carefully curated menu and specialty bar lounges to socialise and entertain in style.

The new venue is broken down into ‘The Hub’, a 75 seat open casual dining restaurant, bar and bowling space; an intimate Patrón sponsored ‘Room 300’ cocktail lounge; and  ‘Pins Royale’, an upstairs private space, available for exclusive hire, fit with mahogany lanes and gold bowling balls. The revamped Kingpin will also host a world class games zone in Playtime.


The Hub is open 7 days a week 10am–2am while Room 300 is open Thurs–Sat evenings; subject to private parties and events.

More information here.