The Art Of Whisky

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art of whisky

Dried single malt droplets make for amazing psychedelic photographs…

Seeing the truth of the universe as you stare into the bottom of your whisky tumbler is something we’ve all experienced.

But American artist Ernie Button has taken that one step further, by photographing the dregs of his favourite tipples to create artworks.

Sure, it sounds like the work of a dazed old drunk.

But the 48-year-year old from Phoenix, Arizona really is onto something because single-malt whisky dregs up close prove to be… absolutely spectacular—even if you’re sober.

We’re talking like Hubble photographs of interstellar space—or Pink Floyd album covers. This is the art of whisky.


art of whisky


art of whisky

Button hasn’t just snapped a few shots and set up an Instagram page.

The man has assiduously recorded his dregs for over a decade.

He recently showed the best of his work in a gallery show called Vanishing Spirits: The Dried Remains of Single Malt Scotch.

Check out more at his website.