Being Adrien Brody

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Adrien Brody turns 43 today. To mark the occasion, here are five fashion facts you didn’t know about the Oscar-winning style-setter.

He hearts Bonds

“I wear my Bonds gray hoodie almost every day,” he told The New York Times in December last year. “I got it as a gift, and it’s lightweight and kind of the perfect fit. It also fits my nomadic lifestyle right now. I can throw it in my backpack at a moment’s notice.” Other revelations from the article: his four go-to pieces are his Steve Madden black combat boots, his Bulgari Octo watch, his purple Dolce & Gabbana motorcycle jacket and the King Kong baseball cap given to him on the production of that flick a decade ago!

He loves his Bulgari Rettangolo, too

“It was my first gold watch – and I was wearing it proudly the night I won the Academy Award,” he told The Hollywood Reporter last year. “It’s even more memorable to me because The New York Times shot this wonderful iconic photograph when I kissed Halle [Berry]. The photograph was perfect, and the watch is prominently on display.”


Prancing for Prada

Brody walked for Prada in Milan in 2012, wearing totally amazing pieces seemingly inspired by the East German military establishment. They wouldn’t have looked at all out of place on the actor a few years later in The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Adrien the ad man

Brody is certainly in demand when it comes to commercial endorsements. Not only is he a Bulgari ambassador but he has done print ads for Lacoste, Gillette and Stella Artois. He’s also directed seriously cool TV commercials for Dodge.


He’s also a t-shirt star

Redbubble – the global online marketplace for artists – returns 19 different T-shirt designs featuring Adrien Brody. Our fave? Adrien as Jesus, obviously.