8 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

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Don’t ignore the warning signs about something that takes up so much time in your life.

You dread Mondays

All of us get a mild case of the Sunday evening blues, but you know in your gut if yours is a feeling of ‘Shame the weekend’s over’ or ‘Ugh, not another week at that joint’. Pressing snooze half a dozen times on your alarm clock to procrastinate dragging your head off the pillow and an excessive sense of liberation when you walk out the door of the office at 5 o’clock are other signs that you dread going to work.

You’re bored

It’s draining to turn up every day to a job you have no passion for — and no salary can make up for that. Constant clock-watching, 15-minute coffee breaks every hour, never feeling challenged by your role . . . getting into that grind is a sign that it’s time to go.


You’re not developing

You get no recognition from management, you’re ignored for promotion time after time, no-one’s listening to your ideas, you’re being passed over for challenging assignments . . . or worse, you’re being given more responsibility but your salary isn’t keeping up. If you’re stuck in a rut, pull yourself out of it.

You hate your boss

Sure, you’ll never get on with everyone at work — every office has that too-loud gum-chewer, the over-sharer, the shameless kiss-arse, the smelly IT guy who needs to be introduced to a can of Rexona — but sometimes conflict with colleagues is insurmountable, especially if your manager resembles one of the villains out of ‘Horrible Bosses’.

You’re changing

You lack work-life balance, you’re eating unhealthily, you’re drinking more, you’re putting on weight, you don’t have enough time to yourself, you’re not enjoying your time off . . . the minute the stress of your job starts to negatively affect the way you spend time with your friends, your family, and yourself away from the office, the writing’s on the wall.


Your company is tanking

If your organisation’s financial stability is looking a little shaky and you can sniff a round of redundancies coming, there’s no shame in looking after No.1 and taking care of yourself. A revolving door of colleagues fleeing their jobs is another hint that it might be time to join them.

Your timing’s right

Four months out from your wedding or a couple of weeks after buying a house, yeah, probably not. But if you can sit down with a budget and determine you’ve got ample savings to survive however long it’ll take you to recharge the batteries and find a better gig, then that’s the perfect time to start a job hunt.

You’ve got a plan

Best case scenario, you’ve already got your new job lined up when you hand in your notice of resignation — but even peaking over the fence to see if the grass is greener is a sign you’re not satisfied with what you’ve got. Before you quit, check that the role you’re looking for is available on the market and be certain it’s the next step forward in your career.