7 Ways To Make A Great First Impression On A Woman

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Increase your chances of a second and third date by taking heed of some essential prepping tips…

Be well groomed

It might be shallow, but that’s the nature of first impressions — the reality is she’s looking at your shoes, your clothes, your grooming, and your overall style. Before you head out, tick off your grooming routine like a first-impression checklist — product through the hair, check. A spritz of scent, check. Brushed teeth, check. Sharp outfit, check.

Have good posture

A bloke with crossed arms, gazing at his shoelaces, with shoulders slumped lower than a brown snake may as well tattoo ‘zero self esteem’ across his forehead. The man holding court with his shoulders pinned back, chest out, chin up, and straight back exudes a magnetic confidence.


A warm smile instantly makes you more approachable, and just gives her good vibes — especially if you’ve got a nice set of chompers. That positivity also comes across in your tone of voice — the key is steady confidence, nothing too loud and aggressive nor too meek and passive.

Maintain eye contact

Eyes darting around the room tells her one of three things: you’re not paying attention to her, you’re looking for someone more interesting to talk to, or you’re desperately uncomfortable . . . and none of this is what you’re going for. We’re not talking about a serial killer stare, but enough eye contact to convince her she’s got your undivided attention.

Ask questions

Everyone’s favourite subject is themselves, so roll out the red carpet during that initial small talk — it shows you’re taking a genuine interest. Plus, it builds up a layer of mystery around yourself when you let her enjoy the conversational spotlight instead.

Mirror her body language

Every pop culture psychologist and Sigmund Freud imitator agrees: mirroring body language is the quickest way to build rapport with someone you’ve just met. Match her expressions, reflect her posture, and lean in to invite her to do the same. A gentle brush on the arm or shoulder also communicates interest and builds intimacy.


There’s a lot of truth behind the ‘hard to get’ idea, and leaving her wanting more is certainly a better option than the awkwardness that accompanies a petered-out conversation. Be the flame, not the moth — go and have a chat to your mates or grab a drink, and if she’s interested, she’ll follow.