6 Facts About Mark Zuckerberg

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Six fascinating tidbits about the Facebook founder, who turns 32 today…


1.Even though he’s only 33, Zuck has been programming for nearly two-thirds of his life, having created a messaging app for his dentist dad at age 12.

2. He Went His Own Way: After graduating high school, young genius Mark was approached with lucrative offers by AOL and Microsoft. He turned them down to go to Harvard. Then, when he launched Facebook at Harvard, he dropped out of the prestigious university to concentrate his attention on the social network. In the decade since it became available worldwide to anyone over 13, Facebook has attracted 1.65 billion monthly users – or about one in five people worldwide.

3. Your Salary Is Bigger Than His: Zuck, like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, has since 2013 had a $US1 take-home annual salary. “I’ve made enough money,” he explained of his decision. “At this point, I’m just focused on making sure I do the most possible good with what I have. The main way I can help is through Facebook — giving people the power to share and connecting the world. I’m also focusing on my education and health philanthropy work outside of Facebook as well.”

4. That Said, He’s Richer Than God: Zuckerberg is personally worth $A49.2 billion, which means he could give every Australian man, woman and child $1000 right now and still have half his fortune.

5. He Actually Is Giving Half His Money Away: While Zuckerberg might not be handing out a grand to every Aussie, he has signed the “Giving Pledge”, in which he and other billionaires promise to donate half their wealth to charities and foundation over the course of their lifetimes.

6. You Have Better Clothes Than He Does: Zuckerberg wears the same clothes every day and has done for years. Check out the Facebook photo he posted of his wardrobe earlier this year. “I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community,” he said in 2014 of why he wears a grey T-shirt, hoodie and Adidas flip-flops or sneakers day in, day out.