5 Tips For Being An Awesome Best Man

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Scored the important role of best man for your mate’s big wedding day? Here’s how you can enhance the biggest day of his life.

1.Organise an amazing bucks/ day/night/weekend

This is one of your chief duties as a groomsman, either by yourself or with the other chaps in the wedding party (groom excepted, of course). Unless it’s a tradition among your mates to organise something you know the person in question is going to hate, as some sort of sick practical joke, then whatever you arrange should at least approximate something you know the groom will enjoy. Do you know he hates strip clubs? Then follow the golf day with karaoke and shots instead. Does he love a certain resort town? Then organise a buck’s weekend there by the pool and all chip in.


2. Be pre-wedding useful.

The bride and groom will be deep in their wedding plans in the weeks leading up the big day, sorting out guest lists and invitations and the four million other details required to make their nuptials go smoothly. So don’t be an annoying busybody calling the groom every five minutes. Then again, don’t disappear on him. Let him know you’re about and available should he need you… for emergency errands, corraling the other men in the bridal party for dress rehearsals, debrief beers during last minute crises of confidence… you get the picture.

3. Make the fitting go smoothly.

Following on from the last point, it’s your job to make sure the other guys turn up on time and in a semi-coherent state for the suit fittings. Men are notoriously bad, and reluctant, to submit to such a process but it is vital if you’re all going to look sharp for the photos on the big day. Men’s Style would also suggest it’s your job to guide the groom to a look which makes him stand out from the rest of you, i.e. not wear a suit that looks exactly the same as the suits of his groomsmen. He’s one of the two stars of the day, after all.


4. Make the big day seamless.

You obviously have some responsibilities on the wedding day, particularly if it’s traditional (and most weddings still are). Don’t be hungover. That will ensure you forget one or more of your duties. Don’t forget the ring. Don’t be late. Don’t arrive at the reception without having given a thought to the speech you need to make. Don’t make a speech you found on the Internet after Googling ‘best man speeches’. The best man speech is one of the focal points of the night and as such, should be funny and entertaining, but also personal and heartfelt, giving insight into your feelings for your best mate, and this new step in his life.


5. Organise a good after-party

Once the festivities are all over, the happy couple will generally want to spend the following day (or even straight after the reception) hanging with their closest friends unwinding now the pressure of formality is over. It should be a best man’s duty to ensure the venue is just right, even if it’s your backyard, and that everything else – food, alcohol, incense, whatever – is in plentiful supply. We could make a final point about not bedding any of the bridesmaids because it’s just poor form but hey, if you’ve done everything else right, you can’t always be an angel, eh?