5 Smart Buys To Improve Your Life

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Up the home automation ante in your bachelor’s lair for a slice of the good life.


SamsungSmartMortiseLockSamsung Smart Mortise Lock – Biometric

If keys aren’t your strong suit, switch to fingerprint entry instead. There’s something to be said for feeling like Bond every time you enter your own home. The combo of biometric fingerprint reading and top-notch optical reader make it swift. You’ll be in under a second – not bad. The sensor can store up to 100 prints, but you get the backup option of 10 temporary passwords and five mechanical keys, too. All bases covered.

$699; bunnings.com.au



Yamaha PLUS Smart Speaker (WX-030)

Next stop: music. If you’re new to home automation, you can use this wifi-enabled streaming speaker as a standalone, smartphone-controlled device. You’ll benefit from impressive sound – thanks to Yamaha’s unsurpassed expertise as the world’s biggest sound company – and a never-ending playlist controlled from the comfort of your sofa. When connected, the PLUS will wirelessly connect and share content to other devices including MusicCast Sound Bars, AV Receivers and HiFi. Bluetooth and AirPlay complement Spotify and Pandora which are built-in – freeing up your phone.

$349; au.yamaha.com




Dyson CSYS desk light

Dyson’s first foray into lighting is as impressive as you’d expect. The high power LEDs and satellite-style heat pipe technology mean you get sustainable, yet glare-free brightness for longer than you’d ever need – 144,000 hours to be precise. Its axis design makes it (almost) unbelievably easy to position it where you want it and the touch-sensitive dimmer is topped only by the dimmer memory function, which saves you repeating the entire process again. Smart.

$850; dyson.com.au




iRobotRoombaiRobot Roomba 980

Unapologetically expensive – even by smart technology’s standards – you’d think a $1,500 vacuum cleaner would be a hard sell. But it’s not. Not, when you take into account that you can start and schedule cleaning from an app and that the ‘bot can keep going for two hours (longer than we’ve ever had the patience for). It cleans all floor surfaces, gets under sofas and side tables, doesn’t fall down stairs and even remembers to recharge its own batteries. Smart, indeed.

$1,499; shopirobot.com.au




Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

If you’re skeptical about the whole smart home thing, an Insight Switch makes the perfect entry-point for the discerning gent. Plug existing electronics into it and da-dah they become smart buys. Just like that. Now you’ll be able to turn on lamps or heaters before you get home, turn on the coffee maker before you get to the kitchen and get a notification on your phone when the laundry is nearly done. Which means: more time for Pokémon Go.


$99.95; bunnings.com.au


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