5 Podcasts You Need to Listen To

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From our recent feature on the best podcasts for men…

Wil Anderson TOFOP

Wil Anderson rules Australian comic podcasting, having launched TOFOP (it stands for Thirty Odd Foot Of Podcasting) with actor mate Charlie Clausen hack in 2010. Now, though mysteriously renamed FOFOP, it’s still a weekly place for Wil, his co-host and other drop-ins to kick around whatever takes their fancies. Want more Wil? His other podcast, Wilosophy, sees him and a guest having Enough Rope-style discussions.


“Learn something without noticing” is the motto of this fast and funny exploration of scientific mysteries by Adam Spencer and Karl Kruszelnicki. Are superfoods a real thing? Does sunlight kill odours? What exactly is a MircoMort? Sleek Geeks answers these and other pressing questions offered up by listeners Twitter.

Osher Gunsberg

The Aussie personality formerly known as Andrew G is more than just a lad with a hypnotic hairdo who, as he puts it, “counts roses on the TV”. In over 100 podcasts now, he has gone deep with people who interest him, with his open, curious style getting great stuff from the likes of Peter Garrett, Waleed Aly, Richard Wilkins and Robert de Castella. Winningly; Gunsberg is also willing to put himself on the line, talking openly about his battle with mental illness.

Hourtime Review

John Biggs, owner and founder of www.wristwatchreview.com, presents this fast, frank and funny podcast “for watch geeks, by watch geeks”. Biggs and his fellow horologist guests and interviewees dig into what makes timepieces tick and have clocked up over 170 eps, doing everything from reviewing the latest Rolexes to visiting the Michelsen Watchmaker in Reykjavik. While wristwatchreview is a good source of info, it’s also fallen on hard, er,times, with Biggs now asking and listeners to chip in on a crowdfunding campaign to keep the site and podcast going. Have a listen and maybe help out.

The Sweetest Plum

If commercial radio was this funny, peak-hour commutes would be one long succession of fender benders as drivers pissed themselves laughing. Underemployed Aussie TV comedy writers Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell offer up subjects- white shorts Wednesday, idiotic climate change rationalisers, murderous dingos in cahoots with sinister teacher on school camp – that rapidly spiral into surreal hysteria. They share rapid-fire repartee and real comic chemistry that makes for hilarious listening. Their “Boys Will Be Boys” episode is insanely funny.