5 Phone Apps You Really Need Right Now

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There are thousands upon thousands of phone apps in the world now, but how many of them are actually useful. Here’s five that we think are damn near essential…


Are you lost in that hell of modern life, too many passwords for mutiple devices, plus bank accounts and various other online services. Most of us solve the problem by falling into the highly insecure practice of using the same password over and over, when we should be using unique passwords to protect ourselves. 1Password has released a new mobile version that syncs with the desktop app to help keep your accounts safe by creating and storing a different secure password for all the services you use — all you have to remember is one password.


Photoshop Fix
Plenty of people with desktop experience on Photoshop have wished they could use some of its more regularly used features on their mobiles. Now you can, with Photoshop Fix bringing some of Photoshop’s features – including liquify, lighten, smooth, heal, and paint – the the iPhone. Images can also be sent from your phone directly to your desktop via the cloud.



Swiftkey takes advantage of the fact Apple added the ability to install third-party keyboards on your phone with the iOS 8 update. The intuitive keyboard remembers your typing idiosyncrasies and adapts over time, allowing faster, more error-free messaging.


A virtual notebook for the creative person who needs to capture instant inspiration. Enter text,  images and articles from the web, audio files, and track tasks. Evernote can even handle audio files. The best part? The godsend is it’s also searchable, so everything’s easily retrievable.




There’s iMovie, sire, but Magisto makes editing videos you take with your smartphone much easier and more professional looking. AI is employed by the app to turn you pics and videos into coherent, sharable videos, and includes resources such as a music library. Shared the finished videos created by Magisto on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp.