5 Of Our Favourite Male Comedians

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You know, for when work’s a bit boring and you need a distraction (also, this post comes with a language warning!)

Sam Simmons

The Aussie comic looks a bit like a “shit Mario Brother” (his words) and is something of an acquired taste but his weird combination of cabaret, visual humour, voiceovers and general absurdism is weirdly watchable, compelling and yes, very funny. Simmons won the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy award in 2015.

Louis CK

Louis is basically a one-man comedy industry these days, having made movies, TV shows and appeared regularly on talk shows, benefits, Saturday Night Live, etc. His life is the comedy, a neverending series of observations on life and society emanating from his own experiences as parent, divorcee, etc. The master…

Bill Burr

From the “I wonder what will happen if I say this…” school of comedy, Burr is confrontational and “edgy” and kinda all-round angry. Somehow he manages to be self-deprecating as well.

Frankie Boyle

The Scot, who was the best thing about UK panel show Mock The Week, is controversial, fearless and often distasteful… which to us just makes him funnier. One of his milder routines is below. Also worth reading as a political columnist in The Guardian, where he mixes his trademark humour with excoriating commentary on the issues of the day.

Jim Jefferies

The Aussie comedian – real name, Geoff Nugent – first became more famous overseas than in his homeland thanks to a no-prisoners routine based on obscene language and over-the-top yarn telling. But there’s a lot more to him than that, as this now infamous routine on gun control in America suggests…