11 Instagrams You Should Follow But Probably Don’t

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Our pick of the Insta accounts that are always worth checking out…

A$AP Rocky

The Harlem rapper’s Instagram is a work of art, and not just for his celebrated avant-garde street style. Two years ago he started posting vibrantly coloured collages spread across three Insta pics that only make sense when viewed together, making for a visually arresting feed.

The Sartorialist

We take street photography for granted but Scott Schuman practically invented the genre. The world-renowned snapper has accumulated more than one million followers for his candid captures of city-dwellers around the world.

Kristian Haagen

The Scandinavian writer has authored six books about watches so you’d expect him to know a thing or two about timepieces — and you’ll find some of the world’s finest luxury watches neighbouring the colourful bracelets on his wrist.

Black List

Car porn at its most gratuitous, stuffing your feed with shiny new Porsches, BMWs, Chevrolets, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Koenigsegg, Mercedes and stacks more luxury autos in exotic locations around the world.

Adam Gallagher

There are style bloggers, and there’s Adam Gallagher — the impeccably styled New York social media influencer who flashes his flawless wardrobe using the streets of the Big Apple as his backdrop.

Dogs of Instagram

Come on, cute animals on Instagram aren’t just for women. Smash that follow button for a feed stuffed with more doggos, woofers, and pupperinos than you can handle.

What My Boyfriend Wore

Dubbed a dandy’s diary of daily dapperness, but behind the excellent alliteration is one of the sharpest dressers on the Gram. And ignore the name, there’s no admiring girlfriend behind the lens — this eminent fashion diary is all the work of stylish South African Sergio Ines.

Nat Geo Travel

This account should come with a warning label for its 19 million followers: ‘may cause incurable wanderlust and an irresistible urge to quit your job and buy a round-the-world plane ticket’.

Mark Seliger


The Texan photographer has shot more than 100 covers for Rolling Stone over the last three decades, and the famous faces flood his Instagram, too — Bill Murray, Steph Curry, John Stewart, Michael Phelps, Jerry Seinfeld, and Bob Dylan at a quick glance.

Nick Wooster

The street style icon and fashion designer is 57. Just think about that — most 57-year-olds have never even heard of Thom Browne and Bergdorf Goodman, let alone designed clothes for them. Oh, and Nick’s not short for Nicholas — it’s Nickelson. Man, even his name is cool.

Men’s Style

If you only follow one account, make it this one. No bias, of course.