10 Things That Make Her Swipe Left

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Any of these things will probably mean instant rejection in the sometimes brutal world of online dating…

No bio

Women love a mystery man, but there is such thing as too much mystery. Even Ryan Gosling would struggle for matches if his bio doesn’t provide an ice-breaker and some fodder for conversation.

Faceless pics

Same deal — she won’t think you’re mysterious, she’ll assume you’ve got a head that resembles a sock full of gravel.

Vain selfies

Your reflection in the bathroom cabinet, a selfie in the front seat of your car, pouting in a nightclub, shirtless in the gym mirror . . . or shirtless anywhere, for that matter. Instant. Swipe. Left.

First photo is a group pic

Which one are you . . . the bookish one in glasses? The roided-up gym bro? The moustachioed hipster? The tattooed bloke in the leather jacket? Don’t keep her guessing — your first snap needs to be a clear portrait. And that means . . .

No Snapchat filters

Everyone looks cute with the puppy filter that smoothes out your flaws — but the pic in the window should not be a doggy.

Not connecting to Instagram

What have you got to hide? Linking your Tinder to Insta provides another layer of transparency that helps her trust you (or at least convince her you’re not some anonymous perv).

Bad grammar

To borrow from a meme, grammar is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit. You don’t have to produce Shakespeare in a 500-character bio but too much text speak and u r not gunna get matches, bra.

Pics with other girls

Is she an ex? Crush? Friend with benefits? Sister — and if so, why is she in your Tinder profile? Don’t raise all these question marks with your first pic. See also . . .

Pics with children

It doesn’t matter how adorable you think your niece or nephew or cousin is, a snap with a kid makes her think ‘Baby Daddy’ — and if she’s swiping through Tinder, it’s fair to assume motherhood’s not on the short-term agenda.

Crap pick-up lines

She’s heard them all, mate. Keep the bio brief and the banter original.