10 Things Highly Successful Men Do

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Some common things unite those who make a success of work and life… here’s a few of them.

1.They are proactive whereas most people are reactive. They take action ahead of time to achieve a result, even if that action is unpopular or appears nonsensical at the time.

2. They are not necessarily more talented or creative than other people, but they work out the best way to maximise their potential and get the best out of themselves. They work out what they are good at and develop their skills in those areas.


3. Following on from point 2, they are life-long learners. They learn from mistakes and ensure they do not repeat them. They learn from experience to improve themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. “What we learn from history is that people don’t learn from history,” said successful investor Warren Buffett. Successful people do.

4. They associate with and recruit talented, like-minded people. They understand that success requires team-work. They facilitate and take advantage of the skills of others to achieve their goals, and have no problem praising and celebrating the success of others in pursuit of a greater goal.

5. They are judicious. “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything,” says Buffett. They learn from experience to make good judgements and avoid bad judgements. It’s a skill most people never fully develop.


6. They pride themselves on their communication and inter-personal skills. They possess, or develop, a charisma which inspires people and is based on their understanding of human nature. Empathy and listening skills are key to this habit.

7. They successfully manage their emotions and don’t let them intrude when it comes to decision-making. This is not to say they are cold and emotion-less, but they develop the discipline to control and even disguise their true feelings to be effective.


8. They don’t avoid responsibility or apportion blame. In other words, they lead, and accept that all actions have consequences, both good and bad.

9. Unlike most people, they don’t fear change and develop flexibility and adaptability to deal with changing and fluid circumstances. They are not scared of the new and unfamiliar and usually work out a way to take advantage of a new landscape. Complementary to this is their ability to spot trends or movements from a long way off – a definite hallmark of successful men.

10. Where others see an obstacle or problem, and may regard it as insurmountable, successful men learn lessons, create solutions and pursue alternatives to get around any problem and find a way forward.