10 Hotels You Won’t Believe Exist

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Bizarre themes, strange locations, crazy design – these international places to stay have some or all of those.

Sheraton Hot Spring Resort — Huzhou, China

Built in the middle of Taihu Lake near Shanghai, an underwater bridge connects the two towers of this doughnut-shaped resort, which boasts a lobby paved with jade and a ceiling decorated with 20,000 Swarovski crystal lamps.


Liberty Hotel — Boston, USA

A converted 165-year-old jailhouse where Malcolm X was once held is now a 16-storey luxury hotel that features 298 charming exposed brick bedrooms, plus a restaurant aptly named the Clink.


Free Spirit Spheres — Vancouver, Canada

These adult tree-houses are suspended five metres above the ground among Vancouver Island’s towering maples and Western red cedars.


Aydinli Cave House Hotel — Göreme, Turkey

This 750-year-old cave house carved out of natural rock opened as a hotel in 2008 — the perfect base to explore the moon-like landscape and fairy chimney structures of the Capadoccia region.


Poseidon Undersea Resort — Fiji

If you’ve got $30,000 in your ash tray, then grab your partner and head to this private Fijian island for a week — the world’s first pressurised seafloor structure boasting 22 rooms with near-360-degree views of the pristine ocean floor.


Propeller Island — Berlin, Germany

Home to a series of rooms only those whacky Germans could dream up — one has a bath made of a plastic bag, another splits its beds with a huge guillotine, or coffins for beds, while one uncomfortable room has all its furniture suspended from the ceiling . . .



Palacio de Sal — Uyuni, Bolivia

Literally a ‘palace of salt’ constructed in the middle of the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia — and it delivers what’s written on the box, with 30 rooms constructed entirely of salt blocks.


Sala Silvermine — Sweden

This immaculately preserved mine plunged 155m into the earth’s surface means this hotel can officially claim the world’s deepest bedroom. A bit nippy in those Scandinavian winters, though . . .


Yas Viceroy — Abu Dhabi, UAE

Set on the Yas Marina and perched above Abu Dhabi’s Formula One race track, this futuristic luxury hotel straddles the track with 217m of curved glass and LED lights. Bring you ear plugs during GP week…


Magic Mountain — Panguipulli, Chile

Built in a tranquil nature reserve in southern Chile, a waterfall cascades over this cone-shaped cobblestone tower so gushing water pours over the windows 24/7.


V8 Hotel — Böblingen, Germany

Another one out of the ‘only in Germany’ file, these 34 rooms all offer beds made out of a car chassis, as well as motor-themed decor for the bloke who dreams of nodding off in a car wash or a petrol station.