10 cool new — and actually useful — phone apps

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Phone apps are a dime a dozen these days – or are they? Here’s our pick of some of the best ones…

SwiftKey Keyboard

If you’re sick of your iPhone’s clunky autocorrect (who ever means to spell ‘ducking’?) then download this free app, which learns how you type and adapts its predictive text accordingly — resulting in less typos.



A carbon copy of Tinder. The difference? Women always make the first move. The free app boasts “the highest post-match chat rate in the industry” because only ladies can initiate conversations, meaning a whole lot less wasted time.


WiFi Priority

Prioritises your favourite WiFi networks, something iOS still can’t do — and $1.49 is a small price to pay to avoid the frustration of going back and forth into your settings every time your phone remembers some clunky old WiFi network rather than the one you actually want to join. Great for frequent travellers.


Cesium Music Player

The user-friendly music player: old-school layout, easy to flick between artist, album, song and playlist tabs, and simple to customise your compilations. Cut out the bells and whistles for just $1.99.


Laundry Day

This app scans your laundry tags and tells you exactly how to wash that particular garment — the best $1.49 you’ll ever invest when it ends up extending your wardrobe’s lifespan.



Those unsolicited emails from the Nigerian royal family might have dried up but cyber-security is as important as ever — this app generates a unique password for every account and service on your phone while you only need to remember one master password. Syncs with your desktop and doesn’t cost a cent.



Like Duolingo, but for learning the foreign language of code. This free app won’t turn you into Mark Zuckerberg but it’s perfect for the man who’s trying to get ahead with a basic understanding of programming.


Square Cash

There’s 10 of you at the bar and the waiter drops off the bill — how are you going to split it between the bloke who nursed one beer and the big spender who polished off five Negronis? This free app is the answer, helping friends transfer money in an instant, even between different banks.



The self-described “world’s most trusted business information platform” has finally released an app, placing all the latest information about industry trends, investment news, and startup funding rounds at your fingertips — for free.



This years-old free app is now the iPhone’s premier activity tracker after a massive overhaul this year — it now maps and times how much you’ve walked, ran and cycled on a foolproof colour-coded timeline.