Would you wear a weed-scented fragrance?

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Los Angeles perfumery Xyrena describe themselves as “olfactory rebels” — but what were they smoking when they came up with this idea?

The company has released the world’s first line of strain-specific cannabis fragrances — ‘Reefer Madness’ — that whiff of three specific varieties of hemp: Blue Dream, Kush, and Skunk.

The scents don’t contain actual marijuana — instead, their distinct aroma profiles are made of a mixture of synthetic oils as well as the same natural oils that are found in various strains of cannabis.

“I like to think of myself as the Andy Warhol of fragrance,” Xyrena founder Killian Wells told AdWeek earlier this year, possibly after puffing some of his inspiration.

“I’m taking a fresh perspective and approach to a very stale industry that hasn’t had any innovation for years. And you’re not going to see any innovation from the major players because they’re going to appease their shareholders. Startups are able to push the envelope, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Blue Dream, named after the world’s most popular strain, “opens with the strains signature sweet blueberry aroma with just a hint of skunk and evolves into an earthy pepper scent with a lingering sweetness making the fragrance just as smooth and balanced as its flowering inspiration,” according to a summary on Xyrena’s website that wouldn’t sound out of place describing an Armani or Tom Ford fragrance.

OG Kush features a “signature sour lemon and pine aroma and dries down to an earthy cedar fragrance with a hint of burnt rubber”, while Space Cake channels the famous Amsterdam pastry, with a “cannabutter” base blending notes of “yellow cake batter, baker’s yeast, french vanilla, and genuine benzoin resin, then topped with a note of buttercream frosting.” Delicious.

Each 50ml bottle retails for US$74.20 (or at the risk of losing the joke, AU$99.73) — but unfortunately for potheads around the world keen to strengthen their pong of pot, Xyrena is not currently allowed to export their products beyond the US and Canada because it’s classified as a dangerous good for its flammable alcohol content.

Learn more about the fragrances at Xyrena’s website.